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Creating an Ethereum Application: Part 1

We decided to build a complete, full-stack demo application using Ethereum & smart contract technology, to learn about all the aspects and challenges there might appear, when working on, if not "full scale", but at least in "full stack" context. This serie of articles is a kind of diary about this undertaking. We'll share our design choices, instrumentation, and essential code samples. All comments and questions are most welcome. The context of the application is sharing economy. The purpose of the application is to enable private customers and small businesess to exchange services of any kind. The application records service contracts to Ethereum blockchain. Furthemore, the services can be charged by using Ether, or by application's own tokens, if chosen so. Step 1: Designing Data Storage One of the key difference between a conventional and blockchain-based application is the way data is stored. A blockchain is essentially a data storage, whether using…

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